Yoga & Massage
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Yoga & Massage


We embrace all Yoga styles and levels, offering our space to both visiting teachers and students, always adapting to individual needs.


Regular Yoga classes are on offer with certified instructors. Every teacher is passionate about what they do, each one bringing their unique experience and style.


Students can expect a complete integrated class, including meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama) and yoga sequences (asana) to rejuvenate.


Learn to reconnect to your body and breath, find your silent space from within, reawaken a sense of discovery and bring yoga into your daily life.


Contact us to join one of our energy-renewing classes!


What can you expect from a massage at Praia do Rosa Yoga Brasil?


  • Total rejuvenation
  • Deep relaxation
  • Tension release
  • Time for yourself


Our professional therapists will make you feel cared for, refreshed and relaxed.

We honor the body as a complete whole, balancing not just the physical aspect but also that of the mind and soul.


Treat yourself to an unforgettably luxurious and healing experience!


Ask us about the different therapies we offer to give you the rejuvenating time you deserve.